A professional team of speech therapists in Alexandra Hills

Are you or someone close to you suffering from a speech disability?

If you suspect your child may have a speech problem, the best course of action is always to consult a specialist for an evaluation. After conducting a thorough diagnosis, we will discuss the next steps and possible treatments or therapies together. Our professional team can help you. Call us and schedule an appointment with our speech therapists in Alexandra Hills today.

If it is you

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If it is you suffering from a speech impairment, Redlands Speech Pathology can help you discover the voice you need to speak well again, or for the first time.

With our services, you will feel relaxed and confident from the moment you start. Don't delay another day in finding the help you need. Give us a call.

If it is your child

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Redlands Speech Pathology understands how difficult it can be to find out that your child is suffering from a speech impairment. We can help solve the problem by giving your child the special attention required to develop proper communication skills and build self-confidence. Our professional staff will help guide you in how you too, can participate in helping your child.

We can help

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Redlands Speech Pathology's professional speech therapists in Alexandra Hills have had many years of expertise in helping others with communication disabilities. Our personalised approach has yielded many positive results for our patients. No matter what the problem is, feel free to call us so we can discuss what the best plan of action is for you or your child.